Who are we ?
The IP firm FGPI was founded by Frédéric GAILLARDE. Frédéric is an Industrial Property Attorney, and specializes in patents. He is also an authorized representative by the European Patent Office, and Expert at the Court of Appeal of Paris for patents. After an experience in the field of engineering, Frédéric joined the regulated profession of Patent Attorney, and practices since 1997.

He has been a partner of the firm Germain & Maureau for more than 10 years, in charge of large accounts and SMEs for which he has protected the interests of industrial property.

Frédéric has particular expertise in patent litigation, having worked in partnership with intellectual property lawyers in numerous litigation cases.

Frédéric also conducted a significant number of opposition proceedings at the European Patent Office, which resulted in a success rate of around 80%. FGPI works with a strong network of IP attorneys and lawyers in France and abroad to offer his Clients the services that exactly fit their needs. Frédéric is a civil engineer of Ecole Nationale des Ponts & Chaussées of Paris, holds an MBA, a diploma from the Center for International Studies in Industrial Property and a postgraduate degree in Patent Litigation in Europe from the University of Strasbourg.